GRSIA Investments

​Investment of Civil and Military Funds:

GRSIA presented by Civil and Military Funds Investment Committee, concerns about pension and social insurance funds as they have efficient economic and social role. Consequently, Emiri Decree No. (32) Year 2011 is important, as the Committee is responsible for investment policy, portfolio supervision and investment decision concerning portfolio liquidity and security.

Investment Committee is represented by the following:​​​
  1. His Excellency the Minister of Economy and Finance- Chairman
  2. His Excellency the Governor of Qatar Central Bank- Vice-Chairman
  3. His Excellency the President of General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority- Member
  4. Representative of Qatar Investment Authority- Member
  5. Representative of the Private Sector- Member
  6. Representative the Armed Forces- Member​​

​Funds Investment Policy:

Investment Committee is authorized by the Emiri Decree (32) to allocate assets in and outside Qatar using different investment tools in projects aimed at achieving a reward return according to a specific investment policy and strategy. Investment strategy focuses on long term investments that are commensurate with its commitment over time to cover the pension benefits. . the pension fund's investments are based on the diversification principle in various investment instruments and geographical areas, the investment strategy is determined according to the criteria set by the investment policy determined by the Committee of Investment Funds of Civil and Military Pension Funds commensurate with the size of the fund and the size of its financial obligations., This policy is annually revised according to the international financial market data.​​​​​​

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