Dispute Examination Committee

Resolution of Council of Ministers No.(27) Year 2007 on Establishing Dispute Examination Committee to Examine the Arising Disputes of Applying the Provisions Of Retirement and Pension Law

We Council of Ministers,

After preserving the Constitution,

Law No.(24) Year 2002 on Retirement and Pension that is amended by Law No. (33) Year 2004,

Law No. (13) Year 2006 on Military Retirement and Pension,

Amiri Resolution No.(29) Year 1996 on Council of Ministers Resolution that are submitted to the Amir for ratification and issuance,

Have decided the following:​ 

Article (1)

Establish a Committee to examine the arising disputes of applying the provisions of Law No. (24) Year 2002, referred to, Directed by a Chief of the Instant Court, selected by the Supreme Judicial Council, and have a membership of one representative of each of the following entities:

  1. Ministry of Justice (Department of Legal Advice and Contract).
  2. General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
  3. General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority
  4. Qatar Petroleum
  5. Military Retirement and Pension Committee

Each entity chooses its representative in the Committee, and the Committee's Director and members are nominated by a resolution of the President of the Board of General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority.

The secretary of the Committee is one or more employee from General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority. The President of the Board of General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority issues a resolution to delegate and define their competences and remuneration. 

Article (2)

The Committee shall decide the settlement of the requests relevant to the arising disputes of the application of Law No. (24) Year 2002, referred to, between employers, employees, pensioners, beneficiaries, or others and General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority.​​​

Article (3)

Requests related to the disputes, referred to in the preceding article, are submitted to the Committee, within 60 days from the date of the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority resolution about the dispute and the relevant request. It shall be attached with the supporting documents.

Submitting request to the Committee shall not exempt the employer to pay the due contributions on the determined date.

Article (4)

Requests are coded by serial numbers when they are received by the Committee. They are kept in the files prepared for that purpose, with the receiving date of the request. The applicant gives all required details and receives a request recipient.

The file shall contain the Committee's resolution about the request, number and date of notifying the applicant. 

Article (5)

The Committee seta the time of examini9ng the request and notifies the parties of the disputes to attend the Committee's meeting. They may submit any relevant documents or memoranda that demonstrate the request. If the applicant or his agent does not attend, he is notified with another appointment. In the event of his absence, the Committee settles the dispute.

General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority submit, in the first meeting, a memorandum of the dispute, attached with all relevant documents.

Article (6)

The Committee shall meet once every two weeks, at least, in General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority. The meeting is only valid in the presence of the majority of the members, provided that the Director or Vice- Director is among them. Resolutions of the Committee are taken by the majority of votes of the attendance, and in the event of equality, the Director vote will prevail.

The Committee may assign a member or an expert to research about and check a particular issue, and submit a memorandum of the results. 

Article (7)

The Committee may request what deems necessary details and documents from the relevant entities, and may invite any representative of those entities in order to seek any necessary clarifications.

Article (8)

The Committee settles the dispute within 30 days of the request date. The settlement resolution contains a summary of the dispute issue and the causes of the resolution.

The Committee resolution is signed by the Director and the members. It shall be final. General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority is notified with the resolution for implementation.

The applicant is notified with the resolution within 7 days of the issuance.

Article (9)

The Committee submits to the Board of the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority a report per six months that includes number, type and causes of disputes and the taken actions in their regard, plus the proposal to avoid such disputes. 

Article (10)

The monthly remunerations to the Director and the members of the Committee are determined as the following:

  1. (3000) Three Thousands Qatari Riyals for the Director.
  2. (2000) Two Thousands Qatari Riyals for each member.

Article (11)

All competent departments, each within its competences, implement this Resolution. It is enforced as the date of issuance and published in the Official Gazette.

Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani

Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs 

Resolution is approved and to be issued

Hamad Bin Kalifa Al Thani

Amir of Qatar

Issued in the Amiri Diwan: 01/08/1428

Correspondent to: 14/08/2007​

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